10:27 AM


Posted by Scholar

We will be sending our first shipment of books to Indonesia this week.

If you would like to help sponsor some books or Judaica, please contact us.
We also have a way for anyone to help. Just go to this link, and sign up through it. Every time you earn points searching, so will we. We will be using the points to purchase books off Amazon.com.

Like always, should you have any suggestions for projects you would like us to start, please contact us.

2:29 AM

Project PenPal

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Our second project is a penpal project. We invite kids, youth or anyone, for that matter, to join us. We already have youth in Spain and India that are looking for penpals. This project is expected to launch on Feb. 1, 2009. Please contact us if you work with youth or know anyone that would want to get involved. We will pair them up with someone.

The basic reasoning behind the project is to help youth to understand a little more about Jewish life in other countries, and to make new friends.


2:17 AM

Judaica and Seforim

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The first project we would like to kick off is a book drive. Our aim is to purchase and collect Jewish books and Judaica from our visitors. As well, we will need funds to help purchase these books. The books and Judaica will be sent to small, isolated Jewish communities around the world, which lack access to these important resources.

We have already ordered our first set of books, which we will, G-d willing, be sending to Indonesia once they arrive. If you wish to get involved, or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at chesed@exploringjudaism.com

We look forward to working together with you to help our brothers and sisters around the world.